Ghost in dream

Many people see haunting dream and that is why we cannot sleep well. Seeing a ghost is also horrific thing and for this reason, we cannot sleep well. However, sometime seeking horrific dream may have good meaning. Seeing a ghost may have good soothing like wealth, money or prosperity. Seeing ghost in dream have also bad meaning and that is feeling of detached from life and society. The meaning of the dream represents a calling for you to move on and recklessness your old-fashioned modes of thinking and behavior. To see the ghost in dream of a dead friend or relative may have different meaning like it suggests that fault and regrets regarding the past relations with that person.
If you see in the dream that a ghost is trying to kill you which means that you are ready to challenge your past and your suppressed emotions and no matter how painful it is. You are prepared to go forward with your life and leave the former behind. If a ghost is giving pain you in your dream, then it symbolizes that some past state is stopping you from fully expressing yourself. If you see a dream of a ghost of a living relative or friend, then you are in danger of hatred acts by that one.

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