Cows in dream

You may see dream many things and you cannot make a list of those things. All the things around you may come in your dream. You may see cows in your dream. However, if you see any good dream or bad dream, no matter; you should not think it negatively. The dreaming can be based on many things and if you think whole day with that thing or work, then you may see those things in your dream. You may have notice anything when you work or pass road but your subconscious mind may have already catch that thing. Meaning of dreaming cows may be different from religion to religion.
According to some websites, the meaning of the cows is different. If you search online, then you will get many sites and you can learn meaning of dreaming cows. You will get different meanings of dreaming cows. Suppose, A cow with a piebald posterior part means Poverties toward the end of the year. Meaning of a skinned cow is Tragedy will befall relatives. A man slave milking his master’s cow and meaning of this is Will marry the latter’s daughter. However, you have to say more things if you want to get more explanation more.

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